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The Executive Committee continue to work hard to organise regular Continuing Professional Development opportunities (CPD) including regional events and centrally organised events or online courses and presentations.

In order to work within your scope of practice it is important to continue your education as a Chartered Physiotherapist.  If you wish to practice in Hippotherapy we have been running the UK’s only training course for over 40 years, the course has changed many times over the years to reflect the changing nature of Education. Due to Covid-19 and the contract with Robert Gordon University (RGU) being due for renewal we have taken this opportunity to reflect again, and listen to members feedback regarding changes they would like to see made to the course.

Two new training courses are being developed in association with different Universities, one course will focus on the Multidisciplinary delivery of Hippotherapy and the other is focused for Physiotherapists and intends to include Biomechanics and Rider performance as well as Hippotherapy. These courses are still under discussion and more information will be provided as soon as we have it.

In the past we have also run sessions on “Working within the RDA”, “Setting up in Practice” and “Manual Handling in the Equine Environment” all of which were face to face sessions which we hope will be scheduled to run again in the near future.

To discover more of the Courses, Conferences, Events and online lectures available please visit:


New Course Alert!

We are thrilled to be able to tell you that we have had approval from Ulster University for the new course – Equine Facilitated Therapy for

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