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Welcome to the Spring 2023 issue of the HETI Headlines! As you will see below, it has been a very busy few months for HETI and they are delighted to share some updates with you.

The Federation of Horses in Education and Therapy International A.I.S.B.L.
Image with thanks to Healing Hooves, Canada.
Dear Members.
Welcome to the Spring 2023 issue of the HETI Headlines! As you will see below, it has been a very busy few months for HETI and we're delighted to share some updates with you. 
As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the HETI office - office@hetifederation.org
With warmest regards,
Kirstin O'Neill
HETI Executive Director/Secretary
HETI Strategic Plan 2021 - 2024 updates

Strategic Goal 3: HETI Membership
1B. HETI recently asked members to complete a survey regarding webinars/membership forums. From this feedback it was clear that HETI members were seeking more opportunities to increase their knowledge. A task force was formed from interested members and HETI recently hosted its first Educational webinar with Andrea Wady of Pure
Liberty. There were over 250 people registered for the webinar. The webinar was recorded and is available to all HETI members on the member's area of the HETI website. We hope to add podcasts to our education communications in the coming months and the opportunity for members to share the work they are doing. 

3. The HETI membership and marketing task force reviewed HETI membership with the feedback from a HETI members survey. The overall results saw that members felt that HETI membership was good value for money, provided much needed connection and information between service providers globally and provided good opportunities to get involved in task forces.

The benefits of HETI membership have been updated and we are also offering a 1 month trial membership to new members so that they can avail of HETI membership benefits and explore what HETI has to offer.

Strategic Goal 4 - Terminology
4. The HETI Terminology task force has published a research paper based on their findings from the terminology survey which was sent out last year. This paper can be found in the HETI journal: International research and practice.

Strategic Goal 6 - Ethical Guidelines
The HETI Ethical Guidelines have been reviewed and updated for 2023. Members are welcome to translate the guidelines solely for informative purposes and any translations will not be considered legally binding.
Read HETI's Strategic Plan

HETI's Executive Director, Kirstin O'Neill, had the privilege of attending the Human Equine Interaction Register UK's first EAS forum in March. The event brought many HETI members and non-HETI members to the stunning Saddler's Hall in London for a day of networking, presentations and the opportunity to meet HRH Princess Anne. 
(Image 1: HEIR UK Steering group, Image 2: Audience at Saddler's Hall, Image 3: ACPEA Vice Chair, Nona Dane, ACPEA Chair, Elizabeth Beckerlegge and HETI's ED, Kirstin O'Neill, Image 4: HETI Executive Director, Kirstin O'Neill, Image 5: HRH Princess Anne.)

Ed Bracher, chair of the HEIR UK steering group, highlighted how far the register has come over the past 12 months and the lessons learned during this time. As the register enters its second and final year under the HETI National Register pilot project, great effort is being made to create the Equine Assisted Services Partnership CIO which will become responsible for the running of the HEIR UK. 

HETI are delighted to see so much interest in the register and to hear reports of how the register is helping to encourage best practice in service provision. We are so grateful to the extremely hard-working steering group who have championed the success of this pilot project and who continue to ensure its progression for all those who work within EAS in the UK.
Read the HEIR UK Spring Newsletter
HETI Ethical Guidelines

The HETI Ethical Task force, in collaboration with the HETI Equine Welfare committee, have worked hard to review and update the HETI Ethical Guidelines. As this document is not static, the task force will periodically review the guidelines to ensure they reflect current research and practice with regards to service provision and equine welfare.

The 2023 update is now available on our website.
Read the HETI Ethical Guidelines
HETI Journal: International Research and Practice 2023.

The HETI Journal: International Research and Practice 2023 was published in February. This journal includes 6 research papers and hard copies are available for members to purchase at a discounted price in the member's area of the HETI website.

All HETI members have free access to the journal online through the members area on the HETI website.
Read the HETI Journal: International Research and Practice
HETI Educational Webinars

HETI recently hosted its first educational webinar with guest, Andrea Wady of Pure Liberty. During the conversation we explored ways we can enrich our connection with our equine partners in a way that
encourages freedom for the horse. Andrea shared 3 practical ways to build our relationships with our equines partners:
1. Stop looking at them - instead look at the outside environment and be part of the herd.
2. When you're walking with your horse, match their feet - it brings you both in sync.
3. Be interested in what they are - touch what they touch, smell what they smell, mimic their action.

We are so grateful for Andrea sharing her insights and the work that she does. 

The Webinar task force is now hard at work organising our next webinar but in the meantime, please watch the recording of our webinar on the member's area of the website. 
Watch webinar

We are currently looking for articles for our 9th issue of the Global Gallop. We would love to hear from any of our members who have recently had events, have events coming up or would just like to share about their organisation and what they do or any research they are undertaking.

With over 1500 readers, the Global Gallop is a great place to share your news with other members and all our readership across the globe!

The closing date for articles is 15th May 2023.
Contact the office - office@hetifederation.org for more information.
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Call out for Submissions!

We are seeking original submissions with the purpose of advancing knowledge in the field of Equine Assisted Services.

The HETI Journal has several submission categories:
– An original research study conducted by the author.
– A comprehensive or systematic review of research on a specific topic.
– A presentation of a single comprehensive case study or multiple case studies.
 – A discussion of a specific topic in the field.
– Comments on articles published in the HETI Journal or in other journals on topics related to the equine-assisted field.

Manuscripts are reviewed through a double-blind peer-review system and submissions are welcome throughout the year.
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